Project Description

Just before the Surinamese independence on November 25, 1975 large groups of Surinam people left the country and went to the Netherlands. Taking a range of cultural expressions with them, including music. The new homeland of the Netherlands offered new possibilities to infuse the Surinamese musical fire. Buying an instrument was simply easier in the Netherlands. Being able to visit festivals and concerts made it easier to physically come into contact with fellow musicians from around the world. Dreams of Surinamese musicians became reality. Venues across Europe and beyond were besieged and captured by musicians who were born in Coronie, Nickerie and Paramaribo. The notes in the souls of the artists began to burn and became flames. The flames lit torches. Those who made their artistic ideas actually tangible into audible products and first ran on sometimes impassable musical paths, are called musical torch bearers, such as Fra Fra Sound, Lieve Hugo, Ronald Snijders, Robby Harman, Kenny B., Gerda Havertong, Trafassi, Dave MacDonald, P-I Man, Robbie Alberga, Djinti, Iwan VanHetten, Andro Biswane, Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld, Jeannine LaRose, Norman van Geerke but also Oema Soso, Funmasters Ewald Krolis, Pawana and Raj Mohan. With this musical review of 40 musical torchbearers on two CDs and accompanying book, an important part of the Surinamese-Dutch cultural heritage is documented in a valuable way for present and future generations.