Project Description

In 2006, the IKO Foundation was asked by composer Dave MacDonald to help with the implementation of the project initiated by him. A long development path was paved, looking for design, partners, employees and investors. The project provides access to the poetry of three glorious poets Dobru (R. Raveles) Trefossa (Henny de Ziel) and Shrinivasi (Martinus Lutchman) to a wide audience by producing a DVD with a registration of 15 musical poems composed by Dave MacDonald and a book of poems, background information on the poets and the project. The musical compositions are performed by a unique, diverse, group of artists. The resulting final poduct – a DVD-in-BOOK is suitable for a wider audience. In order to make the DVD-in-BOOK suitable for curriculum and didactic lessons, it is equipped with a separate breefing. For Suriname a plan was initiated to gives access to the curriculum to as many schools as possible, and also through knowledge transfer workshops by IKO teachers and musicians from the Netherlands, to provide handles to local teachers in the operation of the curriculum. Also, local performances are taken care of. The execution and production in Suriname is coordinated by IKO South America in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The “Silence” project breathes the typical IKO crossover concept, combining different disciplines (art, poetry, literature, music) and designed by a diverse mix of people (different in ethnicity, culture, gender, age, etc.).