Project Description

With ‘Harmanized’ composer / vocalist Robby Harman released his debut solo album with ‘Dutch Caribbean Crossover Music’ vocal swing ballads and jazzy improvisational music with Afro-Caribbean influences. The CD has 13 tracks, of which 11 songs composed by Robby Harman and is produced by Iwan VanHetten (VanHetten Productions UK). The album comes with a book about Robby Harman with photos and all lyrics (nine in English and four in Sranantongo). From the foreword by Guilly Koster: “His greatest quality is his voice. One often makes an obvious comparison with Al Jarreau, but I can testify under oath that Sordam created this almost specific sound already long before we ever heard of the phenomenal American jazz and pop singer”.

A number of musicians participated on “Harmanized ‘, among others: Brian B(ijlhout), Mitchell Brunings, Izaline Calister, Roël Calister, Eric Calmes, Robin van Geerke, Jeannine LaRose, Dave MacDonald, Isaac Menso & LaRouge, Walther Muringen, Pete Philly, Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld and the Doe Maar horns Bert Boeren, Jan Kooper and Iwan VanHetten